Food and Beverages

The Yaşar Group is committed to maintaining its role as the ‘pioneer of innovation’ and to continue to produce state-of-the-art products that will enhance quality of life. In 1973, the Group introduced the ‘Pınar’ brand name to Turkey. Pınar Süt was launched in the Turkish market with a ground-breaking new product - long life milk produced using UHT technology. This was followed by a succession of new product launches. In 1984 Pınar Su introduced bottled water to Turkey, using one way packaging bottles for the first time. In 1985 Pınar Et established the first integrated meat factory in the country. In the same year, Pınar Deniz was founded and Turkey’s first fish farming production plant put into operation. Then in 1997 Turkey’s first integrated turkey facility was established. Today, the ‘Pınar’ name is the brand of choice amongst consumers, the favourite brand in its sector, and one of the most respected and trusted brands in Turkey. It has also positioned itself as ‘the source of health, taste and innovation.’